Product/Market Clarity & Confidence

As a Business owner for over 15 years, I have tried many different marketing companies but I always felt like they were all just "shooting in the dark". It was all just a big guessing game!

With rittlehash studios, were able to get invaluable, concrete, substantial information specific to my customers in order to see what their wants, needs, priorities and purchase preferences are, as well as their perceptions and likes / dislikes around our industry, my company, and our competitors.

Since working with rittlehash studios, I now have a clear, concise understanding and direction for my company's future and our future marketing campaigns. With all this vital information, I have also gained the clarity to take my company to the next level and the understanding and confidence to see the bigger picture and take the needed steps to get there.

Lauren Brooke CEO, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques helped to create the natural cosmetics industry over 15 years ago, but as mainstream makeup enters the natural makeup industry, Lauren Brooke needs to differentiate their products.


Lauren Brooke engaged rittlehash studios to conduct a Core Identity Discovery and Customer Progress Research to match the aspirations of customers to the company's Core Identity. They chose rittlehash studios for a reputation of helping companies see their true identities and translating this into helping customers achieve their aspirations.